Odor Elimination
Eliminate odor from decomposition of all organic matters such as rotten smell, rancid fat odor, garbage odor, fishy odor, manure odor, musty odor, odor from wastewater treatment system, toilet odor, Ammonia odor, and Hydrogen Sulfide odor.

Fat and Septic Sludge Degradation
Improve the process of organic matter decomposition to be more effective and faster than natural process, especially for fat and septic waste. 

Wastewater Treatment
Improve wastewater quality such as BOD, COD, Fat Oil and Grease, Sulfide, SS, TDS, etc. to meet regulations and quality standards. 

Microbial Cultivation for Wastewater Treatment System

For start-up process
The product is a microbial starter for quick and easy start-up process in wastewater treatment system to save cost and time.

For maintenance process
Increase the number and performance of microbes in wastewater treatment system according to the Sludge Volume Index (SV30).

Cockroaches and Houseflies Repellant
Repel pest insects in wastewater treatment plants including cockroaches, flies, and mosquitoes.

Toxic Gas Removal
Remove Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and Ammonia (NH3) in wastewater treatment plants, which are toxic by inhalation, flammable and explosive.

Biogas Digester
Increase the amount of Methane, which is a raw material in biogas digester for electricity generating and also remove odors from decomposition of organic matt
er process.

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